Monofibre Hair Extensions

Monofibre, the original, is the brand leader for Hair Extensions world- wide

The legend of Monofibre Hair Extensions began more than 30 years ago when Simon Forbes, owner of world famous Antenna hair salon decided it was time to create a professional hairdressing service where there would be no limits. He developed Monofibre to enable him to do this.

Dark Monofibre Hair Extensions

Monofibre is truly the best product in the market for Hair Extensions for many different reasons:

  • Designed specifically to outperform natural hair.
  • It looks and feels like natural hair.
  • The application process is kind and gentle to your own hair.
  • Can have regulated heat applied to straighten and curl.
  • It is lighter than human hair ensuring no damage.
  • Monofibre is low cost making Hair Extensions very affordable.
  • By brushing different colours of Monofibre together allows you to get an exact colour match to the natural hair.
  • Monofibre is easy to maintain and remains soft, smooth and silky.
  • The colours never fade even when exposed to sunlight, salty or chlorine water.

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His creative invention was celebrated 20 years on. In the year 2000 he received the Millenium Award for his outstanding contribution to the hair industry by creating hair extensions which has become a totally new service for the professional hair stylist.

Monofibre is manufactured only by Monofibre and is a professional product preferred by leading salons worldwide.

Monofibre is a trademark brand and is only supplied from official Dome distributors world-wide or from our online shop.

Be aware of cheap imitations and remember: If it doesn’t say Monofibre on the bag, it’s not Monofibre in the bag.

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Leading ladies who love Monofibre Hair Extensions are: Cheryl Cole, Elle McPherson, Kate Moss, Lisa Scott Lee… They only go for the best: MONOFIBRE.

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